We must be doing something right!

We must be doing something right!
As Johan Edlund enters Battle of Vikings, we have all the previous champions in the starting list. He is joining first year winner, Daniel Eriksson, and defending champion Niklas Hammarbäck in the race for the 2013 title.
But this years race has also attracted the attention of 2 time world champion Johnny Aubert and Swedens own enduro superstar Joakim Ljunggren.
Behind the big names there is a pack of riders who are all in a shot for the top positions. Riders like Jonas Karlsson, Fredrik Johansson, Adam Broström and Norways Anders Becker Johansen are always dangerous.
Also don’t forget the trials bike riders like Jimmy Olsson as they are always in the fight for top positions, trying to restore the triumph from 2010 when D. Eriksson won on a trials machine.
And who are the riders from Germany? A quick google on some of the names reveal that these guys are not merely hobby riders looking for an adventure…

One thing is sure. It’s going to be one hell of a battle.