Kilsbergens MK welcomes you to the eight edition of our Extreme Enduro event, Battle of Vikings 4-5 August 2017.
We are busy as ever to deliver the Hardest, Toughest and Meanest Extreme Enduro in Northern Europe to you.
For the riders, we offer you a battleground where you can prove your machine and yourself worthy. Whether you choose an Enduro or MX motorcycle as your weapon of choice is up to you. What matters is how you wield that weapon when the time comes.
For the spectators, we offer you an action packed race that has no equal in Scandinavia. Watch the riders struggle through natural terrain, steep slopes, rock gardens and man-made obstacles.

If you want to stay over night Kumla Hotel and Djupadalsbadet is ten minutes from race area.

New date
4-5 of August.
Unfortunately Red Bull Romaniacs had the same date as we usually run the Battle so we have a new date

New area

We have a new area this year, more info about it later.

Duel between Vikings

On Friday evening one viking can challenge another viking who was faster in proglog to a duel!

The duel consists of a short track where they both start at the same time and the first one to finsih goes victorious from the challenge.
If the challenged viking wins, they change places in the starting list, If the challenged viking lose. hte viking will lose 10 places in the starting list.
(only one duel per viking)
No true Viking refuses to accept a challenge!

Entry form


Rules in English

TR-BoV-2017-PDF English

How to find us

Just 20 minutes from Örebro, near Kumla you will find the Hällabrottet where Battle of Vikings is taking place.
For those coming from Örebro on the E18 / E20 continue south towards Göteborg. Drive for about 20 km and take exit 107 road 52 towards Norrköping and Kumla S. After 7.5 km you reach Hällabrottet, pass past the sign and make a right the next road. Follow signs and park as instructed. NOTE! It is about 1 km to walk from the parking lot to the track so have good shoes!

If you are on the E18 / E20 south, take exit 107 road 52 towards Norrköping and Kumla S. Continue as described above.

Arriving at E18 from Karlskoga, go to Gothenburg when arriving at Örebro and continue as described above.

If you are heading 52 east of (eg from Norrköping or Nyköping), drive straight into the rudder at Kvarntorp and then about 5 km where you turn left towards the Traffic Center (Pilat).

On Friday’s prologue the first starts at 10.00. We recommend that you arrive at the parking lot in Hällabrottet by 9.00 am, it is approximately 1 km to walk to the competition area.
On Saturday the first starts at 10.00 and we recommend that you go to Hällabrottet two hours before start. There are a lot of people and there can be queues for the parking. Take it easy and follow the parking warden’s instructions.



World hard enduro series (WHES) is the unofficial world championship series where most superstars involved. Battle of Vikings is one of 18 extreme races around the world as part of the series.

Battle of Vikings are again part of the FIM Europe Extreme Enduro Cup and is the third and final round.
15/1 Bradford, England
23-25 / 6 Predeal, Romania
4-5 / 8 Lekeberg, Sweden

To finish Battle of Vikings, is an achievement in itself. To win – you better bring all you got, and then some more.

And remember The only easy year, was last year!