Månadsarkiv: maj 2015

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Registration is UP!

Not everyone threw their bike up Hamburger Hill, but some sure did. To test if you are a thrower or not is easy. 1. Head over to http://ta.svemo.se/Tavlingsinfo/5230.aspx and sign up. 2. Show up on race day, and ride your bike up. It was easy last year.


Good turnout from the organizer Kilsbergens MK when we went out and tried if the new sections are rideable, or atleast passable. Rule is that if 1 rider makes it, it is good for Battle. If no rider makes it, it is probably good for Battle too! Thanks guys, good […]

Training Day!

No, not with Denzel but with the Battle Crew. The 23rd of May we offer you to ride where the Battle of Vikings take place. Break down a section that always gives you problem, or to check if you have what it takes? You are welcome, from beginner to pro, […]