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Jonny Walker!

A big re-raise from KTM at the Battle of Vikings table, By sending the 2014 Erzberg Rodeo winner!


During the competetition “Battle of Vikings”, the 25-26th of July 2014, you can stay and have your meals at Kilsbergen Konferens & Lodge in Ånnaboda. You cannot come closer to the competetition! More info here: Accommodation

GoldenTyre Race Service

GoldenTyre Race Service will come to Battle of Vikings!As used by the Pro’s, these tyres will help you in the race, but to finish you still need to be a tough, mean and hard rider.Get your tyres and mousses mounted on site by the GT Race Trailer.GoldenTyre recommends:Rear 216X 850:- […]

How to register?

Easy, create a profile following this link http://ta.svemo.se/, look for the race you want to enter, sign up and pay by card directly. Or follow the step by step guide SVEMO-TA Guide